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The Imperfect Crafter

My name is Hillary Hon

I am your typical 20-something girl who will spend hours and hours at Bath and Body works. Order matching Christmas Pj's for my pets and partner. Watch Esty shop owner's vlogs feeling so inspired but lack the skills to be on that level of craft. This actually sparked my blog idea to focus on the fun and inspiring side of crafting and less on the perfect outcome of your art. 

I began by making journal entries and coloring in mental health coloring books. This quickly turned into learning how to make candles, sticking my homemade stickers everywhere, to exploring giant hand knitting! I realized that crafting was my outlet to organize my thoughts, process my emotions and teach myself new things! But most importantly I was making time each week to do something that I enjoy doing! 

Through this process, I started to let go of trying to make myself OCD-level organized, and well creating perfect everything all of the time!! Now I just have fun messing around with many crafts that... let's be honest, I don't know much about!

I'm excited to get started with my other imperfect crafters to inspire each other, learn from each other and create awesome things together!

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