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DIY Halloween $1 Store Candle Holders

I actually planned on making a candleabra for a cool Halloween centerpiece. However, I saw someone make one from things used at the $1 store.... and this did not work out for me at all!

At my local Dollar Store, they didn't really have anything that he used. I found some candle holders but that was about it.

The initial plan was to glue each candle holder together to make it taller and then glue it to a bowl. I never found a bowl close enough that would work to make a candelabra.

Also, when trying to glue the candle sticks together (I tried three different gluing methods) the candle holder kept breaking and snapping in half!

I understand this is a Dollar Store craft but I was really disappointed with the quality of the candle holders I found.


On with the actual thing I made....

I took two candle holders from the Dollar Store. I cleaned them first and dried them before painting them. The candle holders at my local store were like oily and dusty it was kinda gross to be honest.

After washing them, I took some black spray paint (one thing not from the Dollar Store) and painted the candle holders.

The spray paint I chose was a glossy black spray paint to give it that kind of plastic-y but very dark black feel. I think they came out awesome!!!

I waited a day or two to make sure they were dry and decided to give up on making my glued candelabra and just stick with the candle holders themselves.

I took two spray painted candle sticks and folded some of the false spider webs from the dollar store and draped it over the top of the candle holder.

Now to not catch the spider web in the flame, I made sure to have the spider web way out of the way of the top of the candle holder.

Next I, grabbed some glittery orange spiders to stick to the spider web. They stayed very well in the web so I decided not to use any glue or anything.

I popped some small candles in that I also found at the Dollar Store and lite them up.

Voila! Your DIY Halloween Candle Holders are complete!


Supplies :

  • Candle Holders ($1 Store)

  • Black Spray Paint

  • Spider web ($1 Store)

  • Small candles ($1 Store)

  • Plastic toy spiders ($1 Store)


This craft was very cheap and quick to create. I believe I spent around $8.00 for everything.

This craft can be done easily with kids as well. It's a great easy thing to create with them. You could have the candle holders already spray painted and dried and let the kids decorate how they like!

I believe this took me maybe 5-10 minutes once candle holders were dry. Great for little ones with short attention spans. Maybe just save lighting the candle for the adults. 😊

For better quality you can spend more money and buy better quality candle holders. I was just trying to create something cheap with things found at the Dollar Store.

Maybe I'll try to make a candelabra again.... but for now I'm still working on my Halloween Tool Wreath, that will be coming soon! 🥰

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!!!

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