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DIY Halloween Garland

I decided last minute to actually celebrate spooky season this year! However, I have absolutely no Halloween decorations.... besides my tiny black cat, Luna... who has been our only halloween decoration for 5 years!

A halloween garland was the first thing I could think of to make, that was fast and easy!

To make this garland I used:

  • My Cricut maker

  • Card Stock

  • White Twine

  • Hole Puncher

  • Markers


If you're like me you probably get halfway through something before realizing you're missing the most important thing... card stock. Gather all your supplies and then open Cricut Design Space.

Side note: If you don't have a Cricut you can easily just trace some common shapes like triangles or just, draw out shapes and cut them out yourself. I actually printed out candy corn from an image in Cricut design space that I liked and cut it out myself because my Cricut started being weird.

I just searched bat outline, and cut out some bats on my Cricut.

Next, I cut out some candy shapes, and teeth. The candy shapes were nice and easy to put on the string

because they were just an outline rather than having to hole punch each one.

After cutting all these shapes out, I realized I needed color. Instead of going out and buying a bunch of card stock... I decided to just use the print then cut option on the Cricut.

However, I messed something up with the cutting guidelines for the candy corn so I ended up just cutting them out myself, because it was about midnight at this point. Nobody wants to do techie stuff at midnight... well at least I don't.

The candy corn I thought came out really cute, and looked good next to the black and white candy and bats.

After cutting everything out, I thought it would look cute to make the teeth a bit more spooky cute, so I took a regular red marker and colored some blood on each tooth. This actually turned out to be my favorite part of the "Sweet Tooth Garland".

Finally, I hole punched each one that needed a hole. The teeth and the candy were the easy ones that didn't require one. Maybe consider this when choosing your designs on design space, or creating your own.

Lastly, I cut a pretty long piece of string out and threaded each shape on, creating my own little pattern to it.


Mistakes I made:

I wish I would have made the letters I cut out bigger. The letters I cut out were really little and hard to read. I also wish when hole punching each letter I thought it through better so they would hang correctly. Because my letters were so small I couldn't hole punch each one at the top because there wasn't a wide enough space.

I also wish I had some purple or orange beads to include between each letter that would make them spaced out enough. When putting the letters in the middle of the garland they seemed to all fall on top of each other, making it hard to read.

I think the beads would have been a cute addition just aesthetic wise and made the garland more hearty.

Last mistake I made with the letters, is I used light card stock. I think something thicker and heavier wouldn't of spun around so much on the twine. The card stock I used was light, maybe consider this when buying card stock for this project.


If I were to make another one: I would make a garland for the mantel. This one would be thicker and heavier including lights and heavy halloween decor throughout it. I think some cool orange or purple string lights in the back of the garland or distributed throughout would give it that awesome spooky aesthetic.

Some of these thicker halloween garlands are going for $100-$150 for one, and I'm curious how much it would cost me to make one myself. I may try this out next for my month of Halloween decorations.

The Garland I made this time was light and fun and easy to hang.

When looking online, I saw these can go for $8.00-$20.00. I believe I spent $4.99 on card stock and called it a day. Just something to consider.

All in all, I loved how easy and stress-free this craft was. It is something you could do as a rainy day project with your kids and something to get them excited about Halloween. If you don't trust them with scissors or your Cricut.... maybe just have the shapes cut out, hand them some markers and glitter and let them create a nice Halloween decor! They can also work on creating different patterns which are great for young children to practice.

If anyone tries this with their children let me know how it goes. I would like to see how my seven year old niece likes it too!

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