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Making Fall Stickers!!!

I became a bit obsessed with stickers after watching some of my favorite Etsy shop owner's youtube channels. I even bought myself a Cricut thinking I was going to make all of these stickers.... I just skipped the part that I can't draw very well.

Making stickers combines some great self-care methods. You can mindlessly draw and doodle whatever you want. You can even add them to your bullet journal :) I decided to make some fall, cutesy, cuddly stickers and have included a free download of my stickers at the bottom.

I used the app Procreate on my iPad and used my Apple Pencil to draw. Honestly, this is much easier than drawing by hand. Especially if you can't draw. Procreate has drawing assist options that are great! If drawing isn't hard for you, you could easily just draw stickers by hand on sticker paper and cut them out.

In the past, I have also copied and pasted pictures from the internet to use as stickers. Cricut also has a library of really cute art others have made and you can just download the image, print it, cut it, and enjoy it. :)

How to make stickers:

Procreate: Draw your images on all different layers. This allows you to edit each sticker on its own while also being able to arrange them however you like. I learned this the hard way and got to the end and realized I couldn't move my stickers enough to cut around them!

Once you draw your images. Trace a white outline around each image. Then fill the outline with white to create a guideline for the Cricut. If you are hand drawing the stickers you can just do this by hand as well.

If you want your white (doesn't have to be white) outline around your sticker to be more exact:

Duplicate the image's layer

  1. New Layer: Press Alpha Lock and Fill Layer

  2. Duplicate layer again and turn off Alpha Lock

  3. On this layer: click magic wand; Select Gaussian Blur, here you can alter how much blur you want with the percentage.

  4. Selection tool: automatic; click white background and blur; go to Layer tab and click fill layer

  5. Delete Alpha Lock Duplicate Layer

  6. All Done!

The stickers I made are all die-cut stickers. If you want to make a sticker sheet, follow these steps:

  1. When adding the white background put all outlines on one layer: Fill Outlines with white.

  2. Add a layer: This new layer is your background: Design how you want

  3. Make a new layer: Outline the white outline again and fill. This can be white or whatever color you would like. This is a safety net for your Cricut. Sometimes it cuts on the background color and the white outline. This will prevent this from happening. Now Alpha Lock this layer.

  4. Now group together the stickers and their background

  5. Group together the sticker sheet and the sheet background together

  6. Duplicate each group and flatten both.

  7. Export the flattened groups as PNG's to your computer with Circut Design Space

  8. Import pictures individually to your design space; select print then cut for each.

  9. Add both images to your canvas in Cricut Design Space: They will overlap well together, highlight both and drag them to the size you want.

  10. Once sized; attach both layers

  11. Hit Make it! and Print and cut your stickers :)

Download My Stickers:

Die-Cut Stickers:

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