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Pumpkin Home Decor!

I found this small, white, fence, wood board I bought from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I never knew what to do with it so I just left it alone.

I thought it would make a cute addition to a porch or a wall hang to add some farmhouse beauty.

When thinking farmhouse I immediately think of fall, pumpkins and all things autumn. I decided to make a cute, farmhouse pumpkin sign with a little plant love to pull it altogether.


Supplies Needed:


First I cut out "Hey There, Pumpkin" with my Cricut Maker.

I decided to use this textured black vinyl for "Hey there, pumpkin".

Next, I weeded the vinyl and used the Cricut Transfer Tape to transfer "Hey there, pumpkin" onto the wood.

I wasn't quite sure what to put in the middle. I actually realized a bit too late I cut the letters out slightly too big! I had to put the words more spread out than I originally planned.

For the middle of the wood, I cut out pumpkins that I picked out from Cricut Design Space. I used a mirrored, gold, vinyl for the pumpkins.

Side Note: If you use this smooth gold vinyl. It rips very easily when you are working with it. I used it a few times for some wedding crafts. This time the design was very easy to weed so I didn't have much of an issue. I just wouldn't recommend this vinyl for cursive writing or any small writing or designs.

Once I finished the Cricut part of this project I wasn't very sure what I wanted to do next. I decided it was very plain and lacked color.

I chose to paint parts of the signs orange, if I knew I was going to paint the wood a bit, I would have probably done this first.

After painting the sign, I waited a few days to let this dry. Meanwhile, I found three small planters that my plants had out grown. These planters are ceramic and pretty heavy. I wasn't exactly sure how to stick them on.

My Fiancé actually suggested buying some epoxy. The epoxy was very easy to use, and it worked really fast! I had never used this before. The one I used was really small and came loaded in this dual injection syringe thing. You inject the syringe into a throw a way container and mix it together. After mixing, I painted it on the planter and the wood with a sponge brush.

I waited a few hours for the epoxy to curate. Then I took some fake moss and filled most of the planters. Next, I took my three succulents I purchased from the Dollar Store and hot glued them to the planters.

Finally, this project was complete!


This project took me a few days to complete, more so because I didn't have a plan before I started. I also didn't have all the supplies once I started... as usual.

I think if you have all the supplies ready to go, the paint and epoxy would dry in time to finish this in one day.

This sign came out pretty cute! It can be hung up wherever in your house, or laid against a nice fall mum on your front porch.

If you try this DIY please share your pictures of your beautiful pumpkin signs:)

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