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Spooky Tool Wreath

Easy wreath, with cheap materials. I started making this tool wreath on accident. I was originally trying to keep the wreath on the cheaper side since it was only going to be hung a few weeks.

I began at the dollar store and just grabbed what they had, and then continued at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.... each time repeatedly grabbing tool instead of Deco Mesh! I was even YouTubing different folding wreath techniques using deco mesh.... but yet, behold 3 bags full of tool.

I didn't notice I even did this until, cutting the first few pieces and I was confused why mine was so thin... because girl, it's TOOL!

After a fake crying episode of looking for my receipts I tend to just toss every time.... My fiancé said, "F*** it! Make a beautiful tool wreath!".


How To Make the Took Wreath:

First, I purchased a 14 inch metal wreath thing, hoop? I wonder if you could use a hula-hoop?

Next, I began cutting 12inch-ish pieces of tool. I started by measuring each piece of tool and then quickly became annoyed and just begun eyeballing it. Unlike deco mesh, tool is annoying to cut, although it's much cheaper.

Tip: to cut tool it's best when you add tension. It sped up this process dramatically when I started holding the roll between my theighs and pulling up about 12 inches of tool. Then I would pull it tight and cut. Otherwise you have to cut very slowly even with sharp craft scissors.

After cutting pieces of tool I cut my pipe cleaners or chinelle stems in half.

I grabbed four pieces of tool at a time. Alternating between all one color tool, and two pieces of two different color tool. With the four pieces of tool I lined then up and twisted them in the middle.

Then I folded the tool in half. In the twisted space in the middle, I grabbed my pipe cleaners and twisted the pipe cleaner around the middle of the tool bunch.

Next I took the pipe cleaner tied tool bunch and twisted it on wherever I wanted on the metal wreath hoop.

I continued this process until 1/4 of the wreath was filled.

After filling some of the wreath I began hot glueing green fabric I used to make witches legs. First I Cut two long rectangles out of the fabric I purchased. Then I hot glued the pieces together inside out. I left on small opening on one side of the leg. Then once cooked and dry I turned the pant leg the correct side facing up. Looking like a sock. I stuffed the pant leg until mostly full and hot glued the final end closed.

I then added the witch legs to the wire wreath hoop thing and tied them to the wreath using pipe cleaners. I straddled the pipe cleaner around the top of the witch legs and then tied them to the wire wreath hoop.

Next I tied a small witches hat I found at the Dollar Store. I used a few pipe cleaners to toe this one the same way as the witch legs.

After my witch was attached I finished the bottom of the wreath making different color tool bunches.

Then I continued until the wreath was full. I decided to add different colors because 1) I bought a random amount of tool all different colors instead of multiple rolls of one or two colors. 2) I was too lazy to go back to the store and buy more tool after I already bought so much.

I really hated what the wreath looked like at this point I tried adding a bow and that made it look 1,000 times worse! I know it's a Halloween wreath but still, I like things to look pretty.

I purchased some wooden letters and painted them gray.

Next I grabbed some floral wire stems to create a sign for the middle of my wreath. I started with two long floral stems. I tied them to get her so I could fit all the letters of my sign on it. Then I laid the wooden letters flat accords the long floral stem I just made.

Next I took more floral stems and used them to twist and tie around the letters and to the long floral stems from the previous step. I continued this until the letters were secure when holind the wreath up.

Finally I connected the wreath beware sign to the middle of my wreath using floral stems and tieing them to the wreath metal, wore hoop thing.

Lastly, I glued fed the wreath my scrunching the ends of the tool and maneuvering how I thought looked the best, bunch by bunch.


Although, I wasn't happy with the wreath at first I think it's quirky cuteness prevailed and I love the finished product!

Let me know if you decided to try to make a tool wreath and how it turned out!


Supplies needed:

Wreath hoop

Tool (4-6 rolls)


Fabric (witch leg design, I chose green stripped fabric)

Hot glue

Pipe cleaners

Wire floral stems


I purchased some of my tool from the dollar store and some from Walmart and hobby lobby. Hobby lobby had the best quality but it was 3 times the price of the other two stores.

If anyone had any recommendations or has tried making tool wreaths in the past feel free to reach out and comment. We would love to hear your feedback!

I wish everyone the best luck making their last minute Halloween decor!

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