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Wedding Date and New Last Names: DIY Family Sign

My fiancé and I, are about 7 months away from our big day! Before I was even engaged I was really excited about all the crafty wedding stuff.... but now that I am... I've been overwhelmed by all the crafty wedding stuff.

I bought this piece of wood for about $4.00 from Hobby Lobby about a year ago. I imagined wanting to turn it into a cute family sign but never got around to it. I also became so stressed about wedding stuff that it ruined the fun of my crafting because I was trying to make EVERYTHING PERFECT.

Side note: The wood was pre-cut and pre-painted in the nice rustic off-white look that I love!

A year later, I found some stuff around the house and remembered I bought this piece of wood! I then went through my Cricut vinyl collection and realized I had some white and black vinyl I could use.

Before I put the vinyl on the wood I hammered some frame attachment on the back. Then I tied some twine around the framed attachment thing so it could hang. The wood is really light and easy to hammer stuff into. I was actually worried it would go through the entire piece of wood and mess up my sign.

Literally 30 minutes before I had to leave for work, I started picking out fonts on Cricut and cut out my design. Afterward, I decided on the black option because I liked how the name seemed to standout much better.

Once your vinyl is all cut out and weeded we need to transfer it. I find that weeding can be the most relaxing thing in the world (if it's an easy material to weed) or... it can be the WORST THING EVER!

Next, take transfer tape and organize your sign how you want it on to the transfer tape. I used my hand to smooth it out. You can also use the Cricut frosting cake looking tool (scraper tool) to smooth it out.... but my dog chewed mine up. Once you have the vinyl massaged on the transfer tape, slowly peel back the white paper on the opposite side of the vinyl.

I like to peel up the white paper with one hand and slowly walk my fingers back. This allows me to apply pressure on the transfer tape as I peel the white paper back. Applied pressure helps a lot when transferring vinyl or even weeding it. I had a few letters pop off but you can easily put the white paper back on, rub, and try again. Sometimes peeling it up from an opposite end of the part that will not stick helps.

Once transferred to the transfer tape, place the sticky side of the transfer tape onto the wood. Massage the vinyl on, making sure there are no air bubbles around the letters. The cake frosting like tool (again… Hillary it’s a scraper tool) from Cricut is perfect for this part. I wish my dog wouldn't of chewed it up!!!

Then peel the transfer tape off and you should have your homemade family sign!

Decorate your sign??

After all the Cricut fun stuff, I looked around my house to see what I already had. I found some fake flowers I bought from a local home goods store in my town. You can get fake flowers from anywhere really, dollar store, Walmart, Home goods, and little home decor places. Hobby Lobby has an awesome selection.

Tip: If you don't have the wire cutters or flower cutter tools it is very hard to cut the flowers with scissors. It is possible but it’s difficult. I had to use my scissors since I seemed to have lost my flower wire cutting set I have.

After I found some flowers, I grabbed some burlap wired ribbon left over from my Christmas gift wrapping ribbon. I love when people make bows with a little burlap in it. I feel like the off-white rustic look needs burlap... I have a big burlap obsession... it's fine. :)

I played around with the design of the flowers and burlap bow I made. I wish I would of purchased another ribbon to make a more elaborate bow but I didn't really think of that until after. I'm a bit impatient so once I start a craft I like to finish it that day. I hate starting projects and not having everything for it. It is soooo annoying. Almost as bad as when you start to make cookies or muffins and you realize you're missing one of the most important ingredients but you're already messy and deep in the baking extravaganza….

Last step was to hot glue the flowers and the bow onto the wood.

Here is the finished look!

Supplies needed:

  • Wood

  • Cricut

  • Vinyl

  • Transfer tape

  • Scissors or wire cutters

  • Fake flowers (of your taste)

  • Wired ribbon ( of your taste)

  • Hot glue gun and about one glue stick to put in.

  • Hammer

  • Frame hooks or nails

  • Twine

Again, all this stuff I have just around the house. The only thing I really had to go buy was transfer tape because I ran out.

Financially, this was a pretty cheap craft. The most expensive item was my wire cutter set (that I lost) and that was about $12. The transfer tape I bought was Cricut brand so it was about $8.

The flowers were about $3 but I bought them during Christmas time so that is a solid guess.

I hope you enjoyed this Family Sign Tutorial! I think it turned out so cute! I did mine in little pieces at a time. If you did it all in one go it should only take you an hour or so.

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