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Why Coffee and Pajamas?

Updated: Sep 10

Coffee and Pj's are the inspiration for my crafting for self-care blog because they are my favorite instruments to promote a sense of security when I need it most. Maybe early in the morning, you make your coffee and put on your favorite cozy cardigan over your mix-match Christmas pajamas on the hottest day in July! Perhaps you are a night owl, and after a long day of work, you take a bubble bath, put on your favorite pajamas, light a candle, and begin to relax. When I am feeling

overwhelmed, I learned this became not only just a coffee or a cozy sweater. It became my sense of security and helped me develop a safe space.

During this magical coffee, pajama time is when I began crafting for fun. Now and then I would craft until 4:00 AM! Sometimes it was just a 20-minute bullet journal entry in the morning. Crafting has now become tied with self-care for many. Crafting is a mindful activity that helps me work through my thoughts and feelings. It also provides an outlet for problem-solving or brainstorming.

I decided to create this blog for an audience that appreciates trying new outlets to express their creativity and promote making time for ourselves daily. I hope to create a community filled with self-care crafters. More importantly, a place to share and express ourselves through our art. Self-care has become very popular. However, self-care can look like many different things. For me, it is a cup of coffee, in my pj's, starting a new project.

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